Nose in the Books – Danny Reynolds

What do you do after you leave college for the MLS Draft? Go back to college, of course.

A few months ago Danny Reynolds was in college. Now, with a pandemic shutting down soccer temporarily and more time available, the young left back is studying. He started working towards a sports management masters from Southern New Hampshire University.

There’s little surprise that Danny Reynolds is studious. Outside a recent discovery of Duck Dynasty a lot of Danny’s Stay Home hobbies center on the intellectual. He’s a big fan of TED talks and reading self-help books. He’s not a fan of the latest novel he decided to pick up – The Art of Not Giving A F by Mark Manson.

“I’m not a huge fan of the book because it tells you in a way not to set any goals. It’s really different than any other book that I’ve read. I kind of don’t like the thought of not setting goals.”

He still recommends it, because even if it doesn’t relate to him, maybe it will work for you.

Reynolds is also staying in touch with his college coach. Normally, UNC-Wilmington would be in their spring exhibition season, preparing to replace their star left back. Now, the Seahawks and Coach Aidan Heaney aren’t playing. Some of their players played their last game, others are doing like Tacoma Defiance and training at home.

“It’s obviously terrible – spoke to the head coach. He’s talking about how the NCAA are trying to give them a year back. I’d say it’s very unfortunate. And it’s just hard, it’s the best thing to do right now, because of this pandemic. Everybody needs to stay safe and stay at home.”

Reynolds’ biggest tip to staying home and mentally healthy is to stay fit. Not only is he doing all the team training. He’s also into yoga.

“If you can get off the couch and do a little in a workout. Try and exercise a little bit; get your blood flowing, it makes you feel better anyway, with the endorphins.”

When he’s on the couch again, he’ll probably be playing a bit of Fortnite with Antonee Burke and Sam Rogers, where they’ll lose more often than Burke wants. It’s really about the three teammates hanging out a bit.

With no sessions at Starfire, bus rides to Cheney Stadium, or preseason trips to San Diego, they all have to bond in new ways.


Staying Home Picks

TV Show: Duck Dynasty

Movie: Greater

Books: The Art of Not Giving A F-, by Mark Manson

Video Games: Fortnite

Podcasts: TED Talks

Food: Spaghetti & Meatballs

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