A celebration of Tacoma’s defiant history

On Friday, July 17th, join us 90 minutes before kickoff at 5:30 PM for a special happy hour where we toast in tribute to Tacoma’s storied past and bright future.

From Jack the Bear to the Satko Family; from Thea Foss to Pappy Boyington; from Gretchen Kunigk Fraser to the rest of Tacoma’s quirky and fascinatin heroes. This Day of Defiance is an unwarm welcome to our southern Cascadia rivals.

With Portland Timbers 2 in town, you know Tacoma Defiance players will be as amped as you are. Defiance have a 12-5-0 record in all competitions since they and Portland started facing off in USL play back in 2015. The rivalry between the two organizations is the best in American soccer – decades long and fierce at every level.



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Jack’s Epitaph

In March of 1893, the life of Jack the Bear suffered a tragic ending. In the middle of one of his regular Pac Ave strolls, a patrolman unfamiliar with Jack’s legend shot him three times in the side with his police issued revolver.


Mother of Shipping

Thea Foss took a $5 purchase of a rowboat and turned it into a nautical empire. Through hard work and cunning vision, she turned that rickety boat into a company that operated 200 rowboats in Tacoma.


Defying Definition

The USS Point Defiance is more than a multiple commendation earning ship of war; it was also a pioneer for the exploration of space and science. Tacoma is more than a place; it is a city on the rise reclaiming a proud identity of grit.

Some Men Deserve Legends

The ideal Satko lives on in Tacoma. It’s a simple concept. It is grit, determination, destiny and defiant spirit. It is a frown upon rules and the strong desire to make your own reality. That’s the Paul Satko that deserves to be known in legend, even with all his personal warts and mishaps.