Tacoma is an American classic just like the trucker cap. Get yours on Sunday.

Sweat on brow and sun in the sky. The changing season calls for a brimmed cap. A flexible one to keep with you. It sits on your dashboard, but most often your head. It becomes part of you. It’s the one that gets stained. The one that shows that you are Defiantly Tacoma – gritty, hardworking, and destined.

Snapback, meshback, feed cap – we prefer trucker hat.

An American classic for an all-American city like Tacoma. Black and white, you can’t go wrong. It’s a hat for Johnny, Westley, Magda, Lisa, you. It’s a hat for labor, summer sun, a picnic, and hangs on a hook after a day of the grind.

This trucker cap is for warm days, frosty beers (still $2), and a seat you can turn into a porch. You have a day off to enjoy in the shadow of a mountain and a team that has the same assertive, tough, defiant attitude you have.

You’re a bleacher bum, even without the bleachers.

Join Tacoma Defiance this Sunday at Cheney Stadium. You’ll get a hat and appreciate watching a hard-working team that’s cut from the same cloth as you.