Forward Alfonso Ocampo-Chavez’ diverse attack on display at GA Cup

Off with the Sounders Academy U-17's at the GA Cup Tacoma Defiance forward Ocampo-Chavez is dominating.

One of four Tacoma Defiance players that joined the Seattle Sounders FC Academy U-17 team at the GA Cup, Alfonso Ocampo-Chavez, took control of the Golden Boot race with a hat trick against West Ham United. The U-17’s advanced to the tournament final (Saturday April 20 at 4 p.m. on Twitch). Now with six goals in five matches, Ocampo-Chavez is showing just why Sounders FC signed him to a pro deal in April 2018.

Over the past three seasons with Defiance/S2, Alfonso has 5 starts, 2 sub appearances for 433 minute. He has yet to score in the USL, but his success at the GA Cup can show the types of attacks he is capable of making.

The goal to beat River Plate shows a forward capable of running on through ball that beats a line. Ocampo-Chavez used a run to split two centerbacks then one-timed his shot as the goalkeeper left the line.

That first goal against West Ham was a designed set-piece. His ability to convert from dead ball opportunities, whether the primary or knock-on target, is clear during the tournament.

His second goal came via a cutback pass from a wide space, an organizational path to goal. This is a style of play that should succeed with Tacoma Defiance with the wingers creating space just like Defiance/Academy player Ray Serrano did on goal two.

Another organizational emphasis is pressure throughout the field. At its peak of success, its exactly how Ocampo-Chavez earned his hat trick. Defense throughout all bands on the pitch forced a poor pass from West Ham’s keeper. Alfonso picked up that pass, kept his head up while charging to goal, and slotted the ball home for a third goal.

When Ocampo-Chavez, Serrano, Josh Atencio, and Danny Robles return to Tacoma Defiance action they can use the paths to goal they demonstrated at the GA Cup. First, they have a final to win (Twitch at 4 pm. Saturday).



Next match at Phoenix Rising on April 20 at 7:30 p.m. (ESPN+)
Next home match versus Portland Timbers 2, a Day of Defiance, at Cheney Stadium on May 12 at 1:30 pm. (Tickets available here).