A Transformational Opportunity for Tacoma

Goal Tacoma is a diverse coalition of individuals supporting the construction of a world class soccer stadium in Tacoma located next to Cheney Stadium. In a groundbreaking, first of its kind partnership, the Tacoma Rainiers and Seattle Sounders FC created the Soccer Club of Tacoma. This joint venture currently operates Tacoma Defiance. The new stadium would serve as the home field for both the Tacoma Defiance and Reign teams as well as numerous community events. Help us usher in a new model for soccer in the US – all centered around a world-class soccer-specific stadium in Central Tacoma. Join Goal Tacoma today!


We can’t thank all of you enough for your collective support at the Tacoma City Council. It was a major success and we could not have done it without your help! You made the difference and the City Councilmembers are openly talking about the community’s effort to be there. If you missed it, we had the room packed and standing room only along with another waiting room.

THANK YOU to our supporters and to the Tacoma City Council. The Council approved the Letter of Intent with an Eight – One vote. Thank you Mayor Woordards, Deputy Mayor Blocker, Councilmembers Ushka, Hunter, Walker, Hines, Thoms and McCarthy!


Metropolitan Parks still needs to pass the Letter of Intent. There is one Commissioner actively against the project and we don’t know which way this vote will go, and we can’t let anyone negative on this project drown out our POSITIVE public voice. We need to make the public’s desire for this project heard in even bigger forces and numbers then we did at the City Council Meeting.

Please do what you can to attend this meeting, invite your friends, families and spread the word to attend.

The Metropolitan Parks Board meeting will be held at the Metro Parks Headquarters Board Room, located at 4702 S. 19th St., Tacoma, WA at 6:00pm.

Please RSVP to Luke@thompsoncg.com or by phone at 253-879-1250.

This is the time to make sure we are in person, letting our elected leadership know how important this transformational project is to our community.  Our efforts will ensure that Tacoma has a project that includes:

  • The most community-centric professional sports stadium in the US, period, hosting Tacoma’s youth soccer needs over 100 days per year coupled with Cheney Stadium’s commitment to youth and high school baseball
  • To reinvigorate Central Tacoma with a world-class medical facility, attached to the stadium, in partnership with MultiCare.
  • Create a true ‘district’ in Central Tacoma, with mixed-use development flourishing in between the soccer stadium and Cheney Stadium, providing affordable housing, jobs and economic development on land that is currently a parking lot, and provide more affordable entertainment options for the south sound.
  • A permanent, best in class, home for the two newest Tacoma professional sports franchises (Reign FC and Tacoma Defiance).
  • Providing a new affordable regional attraction for our community’s families.
  • Position Tacoma to participate in the Puget Sound region’s bid to host the 2026 FIFA World Cup (men) and 2027 FIFA World Cup (women) with a world-class training venue

We would also encourage you to phone and email Metropolitan Parks District and urge them to support this project!

Metro parks Commissioners

Sylvia Director of Metro Parks (253) 305-1072 shons@tacomaparks.com
Tim Reid President (253) 305-1091  treid@tacomaparks.com
Erik Hanberg Commissioner (253) 305-1091 ehanberg@tacomaparks.com
Aaron Pointer Commissioner (253) 305-1091 apointer@tacomaparks.com
Andrea Smith Commissioner (253) 305-1091 asmith@tacomaparks.com
Jessie Baines (253) 305-1091  jbaines@tacomaparks.com


Thank you for supporting our collective effort to transform Central Tacoma and build the most community centric professional soccer stadium in North America!