Newest Face of Defiance

Meet Ever Rubio

He comes from a land of sporting giants. Mexico National Team players Héctor Moreno and Omar Bravo rose from his home state – Sinaloa, Mexico. The list of boxing and MLB greats from the area is extensive. This land of sport is where Everado Rubio was born, and where he first played professionally.

Rubio joined Tacoma as a midseason addition back on May 31. Ever now has two starts, including Friday night’s win. He’s also been in the 18 twice in the past month.

The left-footed centerback is someone who can play across the backline, and like all Tacoma Defiance defenders, he likes to get forward. It’s the type of defender that Coach Chris Little wants.

“He’s a centerback who can potentially play left back. Good defending instincts, tough. Kind of what we would describe as a front-foot defender who gets forward and intercept/intervene. He’s got some good experience. He played in Mexico and we hope he can contribute and add to the group.”

His trial with the team was back in May. Now that he’s spent significant time with the organization you could see more of the fifth-year pro.

“We’ve been able to get him adjusted. He came in on a trial period and then he went home, then there was a gap and he returned. We’re getting his fitness back up where it needs to be and getting him acquainted with the group.”

Now 22, he made his debut at 18 with Sinaloa-based Murciélagos FC. He earned 1,760 competitive minutes that first season on a squad that finished 5th in the Apertura.

Since then The Bats were relegated and Ever needed a new team to refine his talents and build his own future. He is Defiance now. He follows in footsteps of new giants, those in black and green.

Defiantly Tacoma

Tacoma Defiance’s next home match is Friday against San Antonio FC, against at 7:00 p.m (tickets available, or join us on the Party Deck).