Moms are pretty awesome

From all of us at Tacoma Defiance to all of our moms and those who take on the role of mother, thank you.

“Moms are pretty awesome when you think about it,” that’s the President of Tacoma Rainiers and Tacoma Defiance Aaron Artman. It’s a perfect encapsulation of our feelings on this day. “Thank you moms and Happy Mother’s Day.”

Whether in the stands with us today, watching on ESPN+, helping our players, or however you’ve encouraged us along the way “moms are pretty awesome.” Not all of Defiance’s moms are here today. Our players come from scattered locations spanning the globe. From Brisbane, Australia to Uppsala, Sweden; from Kapolei, Hawaii to Tacoma our players credit their moms for their opportunities and their successes.

Coming to Tacoma from Sweden midfielder Joel Rydstrand only sees his mom twice a year.

“We talk on a daily basis. She’s very much a role model to me. She brings a lot of positivity to my world and she’s taught me a lot about loving everyone for who they are, and not doubting anyone, not giving in. We have a very good relationship and I’m thankful for that.”

Raising a soccer player isn’t just about postgame orange slices. It’s about love, support, and helping a player when things are down as well as when things are up.

“All of us wouldn’t be out here without your love and support. You’re with us through your ups and the downs. It’s never ending and I can’t be more grateful for that,” forward Justin Dhillon credits moms for helping players like him grow. He also appreciates each of you for coming today.

“We love you all so much. Thank you for coming out and supporting us.”

Winger Shandon Hopeau left home as a young teen. Prior to signing his professional contract he was one of several participants in the Seattle Sounders Homestay Program. He had a mom back in Hawaii who set him up for success and a homestay mom who helped him as he experienced a new area and grew into a professional.

“The mother I had, and the family I was with really made me feel comfortable. Every day she would check up on me – whether it was eating good making sure I’m getting the right meals, coming from practice making sure practice was OK, making sure life was going good – just how it is with a regular mom.”

Today we celebrate all moms and all of those who take on the role as a mom. Thank you for making us a part of your celebration. Midfielder Jesse Daley sums up all of our thoughts when he says “Thank you very much guys for coming out on such a special day.”


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